Timing Is Everything: When’s the Best Time To Sell Your Home?

These are the things you need to consider when determining when to sell.

When is the best time to sell? There's no straightforward answer to this question. The best time to sell depends on various factors, and I always advise sellers to consider their personal life situation first. If there's a life event happening or about to happen, that takes priority over any seasonal considerations like the time of year or selling before school or holidays.

After addressing personal circumstances, I suggest sellers think about it from a buyer's perspective and work backward. If you're planning to sell, it's advantageous to list your home during peak buyer interest periods. Based on that, I usually recommend three optimal times to list: March, May, and August.

It's important to note that currently, new listings are at historical lows, with a significant decrease compared to 2022. This low inventory situation in Central Indiana creates a favorable environment for sellers, as there are fewer options available for buyers. Thus, if someone wants to list their home now and it's presented well, priced appropriately, and promoted effectively, it's likely to sell quickly.

When deciding when to sell, consider personal circumstances and market conditions. If you have specific questions about selling your home, feel free to call or email me, or visit our website. I’m always happy to hear from you.

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