A Simple Trick to Help Sellers Know When to List Their Homes

The 2024 market is looking up and timing when to list your home is crucial.

Now that we are getting settled into the new year, I find myself with a lot of inquiries from clients about when the best time is to list a home in central Indiana. The interest rates this year are on a decline, and they look promising compared to the previous year.

Though it is hard to say for sure, evidence suggests a promising market is emerging. However, many of my former clients and acquaintances who are aware that I am a real estate agent still ask for advice on the best time to list a house, and to address that question, I have been closely examining the market dynamics.

Traditionally, Central Indiana experiences peak median sales prices during June and July. This trend has been consistent over the past 8 to 10 years. This insight is helpful and offers valuable insight into strategic listing time. If you are trying to capitalize on peak market conditions and maximize returns, prospective sellers should aim to list their properties during these months.

 "Traditionally, Central Indiana experiences peak median sales prices during June and July."

Understanding the timeline for listing and closing transactions is also important when navigating the complexities of the market. After accepting an offer, the closing process typically lasts around 30 days. Before this, the period from listing to offer acceptance ranges from 30 to 40 days. Aligning this timeline with the desired closing month, which is usually June, suggests optimal listing periods from the middle of April to early May.

For homeowners thinking about listing their properties in 2024, now is the best time to start discussions and do strategic planning. With that said, our team is equipped to provide comprehensive assessments, discuss valuations, and offer personalized recommendations to make sure that your home is market-ready.

2024 is looking good, with robust property values and favorable interest rate trends. If you are considering listing your property or seeking expert guidance on navigating the market, we are here to assist. You can reach out to us at MarkDietel.com or contact us directly at (317) 441-7887. Let’s confidently start your real estate journey together.

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