The Indianapolis Housing Market Will Be Hot This Year

Our metro will be one of the hottest markets in the county this year.

What metro area is forecasted to have the hottest housing market east of the Rockies this year? You got it: Indianapolis, Indiana. This is really exciting, especially if you have any real estate plans for 2022. 

They predicted that the number of units sold in our area will increase by almost 14% this year, and our average home value is projected to increase at least 5%. 

Indianapolis is appealing for a lot of reasons. We’re 8% below the average cost of living across the nation, and the average home in our metro area costs $272,000. You can get anywhere within an hour, and we have some great universities.

When it comes to real estate in 2022, we’re expecting another fantastic year. If you ever have any questions, call, email, or text any of the agents at my office. We all look forward to working with you.

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