We are looking for ambitious, business-minded individuals to join our Highly Successful Team. 

THE OPPORTUNITY: We are seeking experienced, natural salespeople to learn the craft of real estate and make huge commissions. Phone sales experience a HUGE plus. The professionals at Mark Dietel Realty are earning thousands in commissions every month, with the sky as the limit to what they can achieve. They have attained a higher quality of life through an optimal balance of career independence and administrative support. The company is looking to expand its team of successful agents and has created a ground-breaking opportunity to earn amazing $$ while training to be a killer real estate agent. 

THE COMPANY: Our team offers advantages to both our members and our clients that separate us from the rest of the pack.  Our proven systems have allowed us to thrive in good markets and bad. Our agents hit the ground running with tons of leads and the tools to close them FAST. 

THE MARKET: Indianapolis, Metro Area  

THE TIMEFRAME: Spring 2024 

THE SUPPORT: You will receive the support of our unique Office of the Future. Unlike most real estate agents, who work all by themselves, Mark Dietel Realty is a team of specialists who each have a specific role to play in the process of selling a home. Our Administrative staff handles the paperwork and details which will free you to focus on the prequalified leads that we will supply.  We pay for the advertising, the support staff, and the latest technology and our full time coaching is FREE!

REQUIREMENTS: You are a bright, ambitious, hard-working. You are serious about a full-time career, and have the commitment and self discipline to benefit from this unique opportunity. 

Real Estate Agent (Indianapolis, IN)

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